his eternal concubine (setje) wrote in boreanaz_pics,
his eternal concubine

some more new & oldies

Big & small

The more pix I see of The Beauty the more I go nutters ! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !

not only because he looks SO DAMN GOOD or is A HOT STUD GORGEOUS MAN -

he is also a beautiful , warm person - two feet on the ground, family and so talented

and indeed very photogenetic !

and here is the proof --- I'm in the droolpool ! LOLOLOLOL

(once again dial ups - give it time ......but it's so worth the patience ! )

Sing Along : Made About The Boy ~ Dinah Washington

I Am Who I Am : loving him
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If you post any more pictures, I really won't have any white space on the walls of my apartment! Hee.
Oh wow! Thanks so much for posting these! This is the first time I've seen such high-quality versions of those last two :)
That last one is adorable!! Thanks so much!
hello there, just found this journal and all i can say is

mmmmm, angel...