his eternal concubine (setje) wrote in boreanaz_pics,
his eternal concubine

mmmmmmmm head over heels .... as always ..... The Man .... rocking my world .... mmmmmmmm

doesn't care they are oldies/seen before/pple are tired of my 'droolyummylickme'posts/.. don't care that some think he is ..... or .... still SALTY GOODNESS to 'moi' ... he's like a nice bottle of french wine ... more LICKLICK savoury tasty with the years ....

oohhh and loving The Shades !!!!!!!!

starts to sing ....

you're to good to be true , .... can't take my eyes of you .... ,

long list coming up ..

dial ups ... Thud alert !

Sing Along :Can't Take My Eyes Of You ~ Lauryn Hill

I Am Who I Am : in love
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