Tinetroll (tinetroll) wrote in boreanaz_pics,


I was watching "I'm with Lucy" the other night...
It was fun and easy going - I liked it.
And David was great - when isn't he... *g*
I loved him with that orange shirt and the tan - gorgeous...

And since I just found out how to make caps and think it's great fun
I made some caps from this film too

Hot man in a hot car, what a way to start a blind-date...

Do you like fishing?

Ooohhh - hot hot hot

Tennis anyone?

More of the orange... *guh*

Wee bit obsessiv here aren't we?!

And this is where you loose David... Shouldn't have freaked over some stain... LOL

Hope you enjoyed and if you still haven't seen it - do itnow!

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